Sri Lankan Food Making Waves Around the World

You step into Kolamba in London back in 2019, and you’re thinking, “Sri Lankan cuisine? What’s that?” Aushi Meewella, who co-founded the place, noticed that many folks mistook it for Indian food. But hey, Sri Lankan food’s got its own vibe, different from its big neighbor, India.

Sri Lankan Cuisine Gets Its Moment

Now, there’s this fresh buzz around Sri Lankan food, and a bunch of chefs and food lovers are making sure people take notice. Meewella wanted to bring the flavors of her childhood to London because, well, she missed those dishes when she moved away.

Thanks, Tourism!

Tourism played a big role in putting Sri Lankan food on the map. When folks visit Sri Lanka, they dive into the diverse island and guess what? They fall in love with the delicious food too! Even setbacks like a rough patch with tourism due to various issues didn’t stop the world from noticing Sri Lankan cuisine’s charm.

Social Media and Shows to the Rescue

The rise of social media and shows like Masterchef have been a big help too. Chefs like Dhayanie Williams, who rocked “MasterChef Australia 2019,” showed off Sri Lankan crab curry and chicken curry on TV. This online exposure got people curious and hungry for Sri Lankan dishes in restaurants.

Breaking Misconceptions

Sri Lankan cuisine isn’t just about curries and rice, you know? It’s got its own twists. Take the Sri Lankan roti, for example. It’s not like the big Indian rotis; it’s more like thick discs made with coconut and rice flour.

A Mix of Tastes

Sri Lankan cuisine is a blend of various influences. It’s a party of rice, coconut milk, local fruits, veggies, and seafood. Plus, it’s borrowed flavors from the Dutch and Portuguese, who once ruled Sri Lanka.

Plant-Based Goodness

Here’s something cool: Sri Lankan food’s big on plants, making it a hit with vegans worldwide. Their way of eating isn’t just a trend; it’s been around for ages. They’ve been using wild ingredients like jackfruit, yams, and water spinach for ages, creating dishes bursting with unique flavors.

Coconut: The MVP

Coconut’s a superstar in Sri Lankan cooking. They use grated coconut to make creamy coconut milk, which gives a rich touch to curries. They even mix coconut milk with rice to whip up a creamy breakfast called kiribath. Trust me, it’s tasty!

Taking Sri Lankan Cuisine Global

Across the globe, chefs like Sam Fore in Kentucky are turning heads with Sri Lankan dishes. Sam started selling her childhood favorites at a tent behind a bar. Now, she’s ready to open her first restaurant!

Spices Beyond Heat

Sri Lankan food isn’t just about spice; it’s a dance of flavors. They play with spices like coriander seeds, black pepper, mustard seeds, and more. Chef Fore loves infusing Sri Lankan flavors into familiar dishes like fried chicken, giving them a flavorful twist.

Innovating Sri Lankan Cuisine

Chefs worldwide, like Brian Senaratne in Croatia, are keeping it real but adding their touch to Sri Lankan cuisine. Brian’s Curry Bowl simplifies things for European diners while maintaining that Sri Lankan charm.

The Future of Sri Lankan Food

As chefs play around with flavors, Sri Lankan cuisine is finding its way into hearts worldwide. For Fore and Williams, the future is exciting. They can’t wait for Sri Lankan food to be everyone’s favorite comfort meal.